Cinegy Studio SOLO


Cinegy Studio SOLO is a cart wall / trick mode playout solution which can be used for news, sports and other operations for SD and/or HD channels. Variable speed playback – slow-motion, loop and bounce playback are all supported. Playback can be controlled viathe special Cinegy Studio SOLO control panel or via RS-422 edit controllers by companies such as JL Cooper, DNF or others supporting 9-pin protocol.

Cinegy Studio SOLO – Control and Engine

Cinegy Studio SOLO provides a software-based system for SD and/or HD playout automation using standard PC server hardware. Cinegy Studio SOLO Engine executes the playlist provided to it and renders video and audio to air. It also sends real-time video stream feedback to the Cinegy Studio SOLO interface, eliminating the need for video control monitors as well as SDI cabling and routing.

Future-Proof, Scalable

Cinegy Studio SOLO is software-based, and runs on certified standard IT hardware and certified, standard SDI video cards. As a result, an HD playout server can fit into a single rack unit. Multiple instances of Cinegy Studio SOLO Engine can be started on a single powerful machine transforming itinto a playout server that broadcasts multiple independent channels.