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  1. Replay Desktop
    Provides complete control over recording, playback, and publishing operations.
  2. Live Cameras
    Connect up to 4 HDMI cameras or video sources, with automatic detection of resolution and frame rate for simple setup.
  3. Live Desktop Monitors
    View the action from every angle in real time using the built-in multiviewer.
  4. Output Monitors
    Output video from live cameras, Clips List, or Play List to upstream switcher or display using one or both playout channels.
  5. Grab
    Capture full-resolution freeze frames of the action, then post to social media using the built-in publishing app.
  6. Record Button
    Record video from all four cameras simultaneously for instant replay and archive.
  7. Overlays
    Layer titles, graphics, video, or other visuals over live action or replays.
  8. FastClip Window
    Manage media assets, input and edit descriptions, search, filter, and categorize clips, and more.
  9. Transitions
    Use animated effects to transition between A and B playout channels in real time.
  10. Clips List
    Manage all marked events and clips for playback.
  11. Play List
    Build highlight reels with transitions and background music for playback and export.
  12. Tags
    Create a custom code system to label clips with just a few quick keystrokes.

There’s much more to 3Play Mini than just what you see here. For more detailed information on features, check out the Tech Specs page.