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  1. USER INTERFACE – Connect up to four live video sources, audio sources, and the optional hardware control surface for multi-channel recording, multi-speed playback, and highlight reel creation.
  2. LIVE DESKTOP MONITORS – View the action from every angle with full field rate preview displays. Integrated multi-view monitoring allows you to select from additional layouts and send all on-screen monitors to a second display to enlarge your workspace.
  3. OUTPUT MONITORS – Monitor the live video output of the two fully independent playout channels. Full field rate displays include the option to show or hide HUD (Heads-Up-Display).
  4. HUD – View key playback data for A and B output channels, including time code, clip duration, and playback speeds.
  5. RECORDING – Capture up to four channels of video simultaneously for instant replay or playback. Files are recorded at native resolution to a high-quality MPEG-2 video format.
  6. CLIPS LIST – Manage all marked events and clips for playback, with per-clip metadata entry for efficient asset management and organization.
  7. PLAY LIST – Create highlight reels or compile clips for sequenced playback. Play List settings include the option to add a background music track, plus per-clip management of audio, playback speed and crossfade transitions.
  8. INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD – Operate 3Play 425 with on-screen controls, including output mode settings, playback buttons with speed presets, in and out point markers, and transport commands.