3Play 425

h-3play 425

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Local broadcasters, school teams and emerging leagues who want to make the transition from just “shooting sports” to growing audiences with full-tilt live sports production all know one thing: fans are much more than spectators. They want to be in on the action: diving catches, game-winning moves, out-of-bounds calls, and plays that can’t be seen clearly from the bleachers.
For years, the extremely high cost of live sports production tools has made it nearly impossible for smaller organizations to deliver a better viewing experience. The entry-level 3Play 425 eliminates that barrier by making professional instant replay and slow motion available to everyone who previously thought it simply out of reach.
  • The most professional instant replay server available for under $10k, sized to produce local sports anywhere
  • 6-channel live replay—4-in, 2-out— to feed video boards or broadcast
  • Network-quality production in native HD
  • Seamless mixing of live video with assets from your media library
  • Compact, 2RU design fits perfectly in control rooms and production vehicles of all sizes
  • Optional control surface with premium T-bar, speed presets, and jog wheel