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  1. USER INTERFACE – Connect up to four live video sources (or more, using a compatible external video router), audio sources, and the included hardware control surface for multi-channel recording, multi-speed playback, media publishing and asset management.
  2. MACROS – Make frequently used commands and sequences automatic. Record a series of operations as a macro event, make adjustments as needed with the built-in Macro Editor, then trigger with a single click, keystroke or button press.
  3. GRAB – Capture freeze frames of the action from every angle simultaneously, then post your HD images to social media accounts and storage targets, using the integrated media publishing system.
  4. RECORDING – Record up to four channels of video simultaneously. Files are recorded at native resolution to a high-quality QuickTime format for media publishing, post-production or archive purposes.
  5. LIVE DESKTOP MONITORS – View the action from every angle with full field rate preview displays and monitor audio levels with VU meter overlays. Integrated multi-view monitoring allows you to select from additional layouts and send all on-screen monitors to a second display to enlarge your workspace.
  6. OUTPUT MONITORS – Monitor the live video output of the two fully independent playout channels and mix them, using standard transitions or custom animations.
  7. OVERLAYS – Layer live sources, titles, graphics and animations over playout channels; layer one playback angle over another for simultaneous picture-in-picture playback; or capture the game clock and layer over playback for official review. Each DSK overlay supports independent positioning, scaling and cropping.
  8. CHANNEL INFO – View key playback data for A and B output channels, including time code, clip duration, and playback speeds.
  9. FASTCLIP WINDOW – Input and edit metadata, search, filter, and categorize clips, and more, with the intuitive 3Play 440 asset management system. FastClip supports input from both the control surface and keyboard for flexible data entry and navigation.
  10. BUFFERS – Access pre-produced video, motion graphics, titles, bugs and animated effects for use in overlays, with watch folder functionality to edit and update in real time over the network.
  11. TRANSITIONS – Transition between A and B playout channels in real time using crossfades, wipes and dissolves – or use full-color animation store transitions with embedded audio and TransWarp effects. The integrated Animation Store Creator application lets you build your own custom animated transitions and warping video effects.
  12. NETWORK INPUTS – Share computer screens or displays from wireless Apple AirPlay devices like iPad, iPhone, or iPod, connected to the same local network. 3Play 440 also accepts titles, graphics and scoreboard data from NewTek LIveText and compatible NewTek developer solutions for overlay applications.
  13. CLIPS LIST – Manage all marked events and clips for playback. The multi-tab structure, customizable tab names, and per-clip metadata entry provide for efficient asset management and organization.
  14. CLIP MONITORS – Preview all clip angles from a recorded event simultaneously, while the action continues in your live desktop monitors. Clip Monitors can be embedded in the user interface, multi-view display or both.
  15. PLAY LIST – Create highlight reels with per-clip management of audio and playback. Build and organize multiple clip sequences, using the multi-tab structure, then customize with animation store transitions and a background music track.
  16. TAGS – Create and manage your own code system for instant metadata entry. Assign Tags to teams, play types, players, and more – then build full descriptions from keystrokes or simple control surface commands.