Cinegy Air PRO


Cinegy Air PRO is the logical next step in the evolution of broadcast automation and video servers. Gone are the monolithic black boxes, replaced by TCP/IP network-attached real-time service appliances. Cinegy Air PRO provides a broadcast automation front-end and a real-time video server for SD and HD playout in an integrated software suite. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements Cinegy Air PRO effortlessly succeeds where so many others fail. Cinegy Air PRO can be used to control multiple channels playing to air or toplan schedules, program and commercial blocks offline. Multiple remote or local users can control the schedule and playout operation.Offering unparalleled flexibility by playing mixed format and mixed resolution content as well as un-rendered edit sequences straightto air. Insert logos, add overlays and control external devices. Simulcast output via SDI and/or IP streams for ATSC/DVB or web usage.


Cinegy Air PRO – Control and Engine

Cinegy Air PRO provides a software-based system for SD and/or HD playout automation using standard PC server hardware. Cinegy Air PRO performs video playout by acting as a TCP/IP-connected video “printer”offering its services in a network. The Cinegy Air PRO broadcast automation software connects to the playoutservice and instructs it what to “print” to air and when. Cinegy Air PRO consists of two elements, Cinegy Air PRO Control and Cinegy Air PRO Engine. Cinegy Air PRO Control provides a state-of-the-art interface forcontrolling one or more Cinegy Air PRO playout channels connected via TCP/IP. Cinegy Air PRO Engine executes the playlist provided to it and renders video and audio to air. It also sendsreal-time video stream feedback to the Cinegy Air PRO Control interface, eliminating the need for videocontrol monitors as well as SDI cabling and routing. In small environments, Cinegy Air PRO Control and Cinegy Air PRO Engine can run on one PC – basically a “TV channel in a box”.

Future-Proof, Scalable

Cinegy Air PRO is software-based, and runs on certified standard IT hardware and certified, standard SDI video cards. As a result, an HD playout server can fit into a single rack unit. Multiple instances of Cinegy Air PRO Engine can be started on a single powerful machine transforming it into a playout server thatbroadcasts multiple independent channels.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Format

Cinegy Air PRO supports multi-channel playout, including simultaneous playout of several playout channelswhich can be controlled by a single Cinegy Air PRO Control application. A horizontal timeline view providessimultaneous overview of all channels, while a vertical view permits editing of the currently selectedchannel. Cinegy Air PRO playout channels can also be set up to broadcast programs live on the Internet, along with the broadcasts feeds, without requiring additional hardware or software.


Features Overview

• Real-time, network service-based video playout operated remotely via TCP/IP. No need for SDI control monitors. Scalable to hundreds of channels.

• Support for commonly used video file formats, including AVI, DV, HDV, IMX,XDCAM SD/HD, MPEG-2 (up to 1080i 4:2:2), AVID DNxHD, MXF MPEG-2Long GOP, MXF AS-03, AVC-Intra, Quicktime and Windows Media.

• High-availability and fault-tolerance through optional pre-fetching withlocal caching and optional failover mirror channels.

• Multi-channel playout control for simultaneous broadcast of differentplaylists in various TV formats to multiple channels.

• Multi-instance playout for simultaneous broadcast of multiple channelsfrom a single box.

• Simulcast 4:3/16:9 playout. Simultaneously playout of a single playlistin different aspect ratios.

• Simulcast HD/SD playout. Simultaneously playout of a single playlist inSD and HD.

• MXF AS 02/03, MXF AS/11 support.

• Horizontal timeline for a clear overview for multi-channel operations.

• Secondary events for external device control.

• Up to 32-channel audio routing and pre-set matrixing.

• Schedule voice-over or other audio elements to play over clips withmain audio ducking.

• Local or remote control operation via LAN or WAN.

• GPI events processing for automatic commercial insertion.

• Broadcast directly to the Internet using Web streaming.

• Automated ‘pass-through’ mode for the live shows.

• Live RTP/UDP streams from different sources can be inserted into theplaylists as live playout items.

• MPEG-2 and H.264 transport streams can be generated as an alternativeto SDI output or simultaneously with it.

• As-run logging and custom report generation.

• Traffic integration with various traffic systems.

• NDS MediaHighway middleware integration.

• Closed caption / V-Chip / VANC pass-through with AFD signaling

• SDI video router modules to support automatic video/audio signalswitching of input and output signals.

• Logo insertion.

• Cinegy Type integration.

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