Cinegy Studio PRO


Cinegy Studio PRO is a cart wall / trick mode playout solution which can be used for news, sports and other operations for SD and/orHD channels. Variable speed playback –slow-motion, loop and bounce playback are all supported. Playback can be controlled via thespecial Cinegy Studio PRO control panel or via RS-422 edit controllers by companies such as JL Cooper, DNF or others supporting 9-pinprotocol.The system provides high-availability and fault-tolerance through optional pre-fetching with local caching and optional failover mirrorchannels.

Cinegy Studio PRO – Control and EngineCinegy Studio PRO provides a software-based system for SD and/or HD playout automation usingstandard PC server hardware. Playout can be operated in one of two operation modes: direct controlor MOS (Media Object Server) control, with the ability to switch between these two modes on-the-fly.MOS gateway mode allows operators to broadcast rundowns prepared in third-party workflow softwareusing the industry standard MOS protocol. The MOS protocol implements efficient and fast integrationwith newsroom systems such as ENPS, NewsWorks, Avid’s iNEWS or Octopus. Cinegy Studio PROControl uses MOS protocol in MOS playout mode for broadcasting of the rundowns prepared using MOSgateway. Cinegy MOS Gateway is a required component for working in MOS gateway mode.Cinegy Studio PRO Engine executes the playlist provided to it and renders video and audio to air. It alsosends real-time video stream feedback to the Cinegy Studio PRO interface, eliminating the need forvideo control monitors as well as SDI cabling and routing.

Future-Proof, ScalableCinegy Studio PRO is software-based, and runs on certified standard IT hardware and certified,standard SDI video cards. As a result, an HD playout server can fit into a single rack unit. Multipleinstances of Cinegy Studio PRO Engine can be started on a single powerful machine transforming itinto a playout server that broadcasts multiple independent channels.

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