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TriCaster Advanced Edition software adds more than 60 next-level tools and capabilities to TriCaster Pro Line and TriCaster Mini systems. These are just some of the highlights of its advanced user interface.TCAE-Interface-1-9

  1. Replay Pad
    Create clips for in-show replay from any active IsoCorder recording channel with one-click dashboard button control (or number pad key entry) and configurable settings.
  2. Tally Indicators
    Identify the current switcher selections with updated tally indicators that frame the Live Desktop monitors—plus Program and Preview labels that display the active source.
  3. Border Effects
    Apply borders and shadow effects to add detail and depth to overlays and multi-layer compositions, or combine framed layers to create custom multi-box effects, choosing from hundreds of included designs or creating your own.
  4. DataLink
    Incorporate real-time data from internal and external sources in TriCaster productions – including webpages, spreadsheets, scoreboards, databases, and RSS feeds – to display statistics, results, time data, social media posts and more.
  5. M/E KEY Layers
    Double the number of overlay visuals for M/E compositions in TriCaster 860, 460, 410 and Mini with a second KEY layer to apply titles, graphics, buffer animations and picture-in-picture video.
  6. Playlist Transitions
    Insert transitions and custom animated effects between media player files to produce engaging video playlists, dynamic image slideshows, and flashy highlight sequences.
  7. Media Player Controls
    Manage stored media and playback settings more easily and efficiently with playlist mode, a deeper configuration menu, and on-screen Set In and Set Out buttons to edit clips and graphics in real time.
  8. Show On
    Trigger clip playback—automatically or on-demand—to seamlessly roll in-show replays on Program or any M/E, with configurable in and out transitions, and automatic return to live output.
  9. Animation Buffers
    Add more motion sources to TriCaster 410 and Mini productions, while saving the DDRs for video playback, with 5 of the 15 buffers enhanced to roll stored animations, motion graphics and looping clips.
  10. TCAE-Interface-10

  11. Augmented Reality KEY Layers
    Optionally lock KEY layer elements to any position in a virtual set, producing striking embedded visuals that track with LiveSet zoom and pan movements.
  12. TCAE-Interface-11

  13. Audio Mixer Interface
    Manage and monitor sound with an enhanced audio mixer interface that includes more operator-friendly on-screen faders, adjusted VU meter gradients, and clipping alerts for increased confidence.
  14. TCAE-Interface-12

  15. Effect View (TriCaster 8000 Exclusive)
    Preview your next switch, test different effects, or experiment with composition – in full motion and in real time – without interfering with switcher selections or disrupting output.

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