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Bring your productions up several notches with the software applications available for the TriCaster line of complete, multi-camera video production and streaming systems. From titling and editing software to give your programs a personal edge, to specially designed virtual sets that you can customize to meet your needs and create a signature look across your brand. With NewTek’s innovative software applications, you don’t need a high-dollar budget or a lot of complicated equipment to give your programming a truly professional look.


Virtual Set Editor 2.5 (VSE2.5)

Elevate your production affordably with the breakthrough Virtual Set Editor software. Take your show’s look from incognito to instantly familiar, with spectacular elements like virtual sets both realistic and fantastic, holographic sets made from your own panoramic images, camera moves with a human touch, highlights and reflections just like the real thing, premium animations, signature themes and custom-branded environments.



Share the workload with the LiveText remote titling system. Build custom graphics and titles. Display real-time data; like scores, times, and other fast-changing information. Managing your live production just got a whole lot easier.



Burn through projects with the blazing-fast video editor. With intuitive operation, versatile workflows and streamlined performance, SpeedEDIT will have you handling every project in record time. Telling your story has never been faster or easier.

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