Cinegy Type


In today’s broadcast environment Character Generators (CG) are an important part of communicating messaging and branding to a television audience. Whether it’s a simple piece of crawling text or a complex animation with dynamic content, these tools are essential for modern Television broadcast. Cinegy Type is the new software-based CG and branding option available for extending Cinegy Air. Cinegy Type allows the addition of multiple layers of automation controlled, template based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more. From simple ticker tapes and lower thirds to multi-layer character animations Cinegy Type includes a whole range of advanced effects and features. This new module addresses simple requirements such as logo insertion right through to complex branding with templated information and animated video plates.


Flexible Template Creation

The Cinegy Type template builder and title designer allows you to build creative templates offline with all the effects and features required to make professional templates quickly and easily.

• Add basic effects to text, such as a shadow, border, glow or bevel, change the color and transparency.

• Control the way text appears, change the position, rotation, color or size or add effects such as typewriter, flash, alpha.

• Add static text, marquee (horizontal crawl), vertical roll, plate, static or animated objects, or dynamically templated text.

• Insert logos, pictures or animations, support for a range of formats including, GIF, TIF, BMP, JPEG, EPS and AVI, MXF, MOV or MPEG.

• Create text variables which can be changed just before playout.

• Items can be played once, run on a loop, or ping pong from left to right.

• Add up to six layers for complex compositions involving multiple objects.

• Manage items and define in and out points using the timeline. Add easing for smooth transitions.

• Create masks and dynamically occlude text and video

• Insert countdown timers, clocks and stopwatch objects with complex formatting

• Use a simple macro language to automate metadata display direct from the playlist

• A template design only needs to be created once and then can bere-used with minimal effort.

Uses for Cinegy Type

• Simple logo insertion or animated logo insertion

• Simple marquee with templated information

• Program announcements e.g. now and next, or coming up notifications

• Lower thirds / Astons, name captions for talking heads

• Artist captions for music videos

• Breaking news or similar ‘flash’ item inserts

• Stay tuned messages, e.g. advertising the next item or a new season of a television show with pre-rendered animated effects

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