MagicSoft Download

new-upperMagicSoft CG 7

package with demo and dongle versions

 MagicSoft CG  Windows7 (64 bit recommended)  ver. 7.0.4  download
 MagicSoft CG ( upgrade only )  Windows7 (64 bit recommended)  ver. 7.0.8  download

MagicSoft Playout 6

package with demo and dongle versions

 MagicSoft Playout PAL presets  Windows7  ver. 6.7.11  download
 MagicSoft Playout NTSC presets  Windows7  ver. 6.7.11  download
 MagicSoft Playout ( upgrade only )  Windows7  ver. 6.7.11  download

MagicSoft Stream Encoder 1

package with demo and dongle versions

 MagicSoft Stream Encoder  Windows 7  ver. 1.0  download

Recommended drivers

 Decklink  Windows7 (32 & 64 bit)  ver. 9.7.5  download
 Decklink ( only for Decklink SDI 4K and Decklink Studio 4K)  Windows7 (32 & 64 bit)  ver. 10.1.1  download
 nVidia  Windows7 32bit  ver. 320.49  download
 nVidia  Windows7 64bit  ver. 320.49  download
 Ati  Windows7 32bit  ver. 13.4  download
 Ati  Windows7 64bit  ver. 13.4  download

Additional software

 AegiSub ( for making .srt subtitle files )  All Windows  download

Video materials with the corresponding subtitle

 SD PAL avi DV file 720×576 with sound  5.9 MB  download
 HDV 50i .m2t file 1440×1080 with sound  3.5 MB  download
 HD 50i mpeg2 file 1920×1080 without sound  226 KB  download
 SD NTSC avi DV file 720×480 with sound  5.8 MB  download
 HDV 59,94i .m2t file 1440×1080 with sound  4.2 MB  download

Press Materials

MagicSoft flyer 

MagicSoft logo and banners 

MagicSoft marketing materials 

Older Software

MagicSoft CG ver. 6 

MagicSoft CG ver. 5
MagicSoft Playout ver. 5 

MagicSoft CG ver. 4
MagicSoft Playout ver. 4 

MagicSoft CG ver. 3