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  1. Live Desktop
    Provides complete control over live production, streaming, recording, and media publishing operations.
  2. Live Desktop Monitors
    Observe your choice of live video sources in real time with customizable monitors and selectable layouts.
  3. Live Cameras
    Connect up to 4 HDMI cameras or video sources, with automatic detection of resolution and frame rate for simple setup.
  4. Preview Monitor
    Set up and preview your next shot or video composition.
  5. Program Monitor
    Monitor the output of your live video program as it is being broadcast, recorded or streamed live.
  6. Stream Button
    Launch live streaming video to the Web in resolutions up to 720p, with presets for many popular streaming providers and profiles.
  7. Record Button
    Record your live program from beginning to end, or capture the footage from every camera simultaneously.
  8. Live Production Switcher
    Switch between multiple cameras, video feeds, network sources, stored media, and graphics, with transitions and effects, to produce live video programs in resolutions up to 1080p.
  9. Transitions
    Use animated effects to switch between sources and apply overlays, with button or T-Bar control.
  10. DSK Overlays
    Layer titles, graphics, video or other visuals over your live video program.
  11. Graphics
    Display images, apply titles or present graphics. Choose from ready-made title templates or load your own designs.
  12. DDR
    Load and playback video clips, packages and motion graphics in virtually any file format.

There’s much more to TriCaster Mini than just what you see here. For more detailed information on features, check out the Tech Specs page.

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